Pumpkin in Progress

Well I did promise you a drink of the week which this week is an original, but still in progress creation that I’m calling the “Harvest Pumpkin.”  The tastes aren’t quite perfect yet, but it is still very close and certainly drinkable. Try it out for yourself if you can find a nice pumpkin liqueur.

harvest pumpkin v1

Just in time for the harvest season!

Bar 2.0

As the weather get’s colder I am reminded that my trusty cactus “Gonzalez” will need some shelter from the snow before too long. In previous years Gonzalez sat by the basement window which has since become the bar. This has become a problem. So with some clever reorganizing and cleaning up of some unnecessary clutter the bar is now in 2.0 mode!

MoM BarIn addition to the new set up I received some old/new glassware from my Grandpa. Most of them appear to be small versions of Cocktail, Coupe, and Sour Glasses, but once again I’m still just learning things. So with the cleaning off of a studio shelf I was able to make an easy access to the glassware.

Glassware Shelf

Retro and Nerd Swag

So for the main update tomorrow I’ve got an original cocktail brewing. Guess what? It’s pumpkin season!

Best of the Drink

Shaken, stirred, layered… Whatever way you drink it there is a single unique moment at the end of the drink. If you still have some ice left it chills the final few sips in what I can only call the “Glory at the end of the glass.” Where all of the flavors gel together as the purest and tastiest part of the cocktail. Savor those last few sips and squeeze a little more zest out of that lime to make the moments count. Cheers!


Nerd Swag and New Tastes

Well, I am a day late but hey I was drinking what do you expect. Also I don’t have a

Last week I mentioned about some new glassware and I figured I’d have to show off my nerdy/geeky pints (and a shot)

ImageYeah, It’s pretty easy to see what I’m into. The plus side to waiting a bit for this post is that I can also say that my selection of ingredients is nearing what I originally set as a “complete list.” Adding to that “more complete bar” are these two:

ImageThe gin I’m not real familiar with other than knowing my Dad might just drink it before I do, provided I do/don’t bring home any tonic water.

Power Berry


A drink to good health!

Well the bar is expanding with new ingredients such as Coconut Rum and Triple Sec, and new glassware as well. Though the glassware is for another post. Today’s cocktail comes from my inspiration blog “The Drunken Moogle” in this “Harvest Moon” inspired drink. I only played the game once, so at the very least I can say that I sort of understand it. The Power Berry is a just a little tart and goes down smooth. Check out how to make it here: Power Berry (Harvest Moon Cocktail)