Classic Daiquiri

This week I bring you one of my favorites. The Classic Daiquiri is a sour limey drink with a nice bite. Most people are familiar with the “Frozen Strawberry” variety, but the traditional is a shaken smooth cocktail perfect for any occasion.

Classic Daiquiri (shaken)

2 oz white rum
1 oz Lime Juice (1/2 a lime)
½ oz simple syrup

Shake with ice serve in a cocktail glass

classic daquri

It’s just that simple (syrup)

Ideally you’ll want to use fresh lime juice for the best taste, but I tend to keep a bottle on hand for longer term use and not having to keep buying limes every week.

Strawberry Fields Forever

So I was at the grocery store recently (well more than recently since it’s my job to be there), and I was looking around at the Torani flavoring syrups. Which as it turns out are essentially flavored simple syrup. So after looking at the seasonal choices of Peppermint, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin I found myself picking up “Strawberry.” Coming home I thought of a few ideas for strawberry flavored drinks. One of which I still need to work on is called the “Strawberry Shortcake.” However today we have my first test of the syrup that I call “Strawberry Fields”

¾ oz Strawberry Flavoring Syrup
Splash of Watermelon Pucker
1 ½ oz Gold Rum

Combine ingredients with ice and shake. Strain into petite cocktail glass.

Strawberry drink 1

…I’m going to Strawberry Fields.

Barware! The Show is Here.

package contents

This bar just got equipped!

Well, I feel much better equipped now. I’ve been dying for a good Boston Shaker as the 3 piece one we have tends to leak out the sides during heavy shaking. The Muddler has also a long time coming (helps immensely for Juleps and Mojitos).

So I can’t talk about all this cool stuff without bringing up where I got everything. While I can’t quite remember how I found it, a little Youtube show called “Common Man Cocktails” now has me rather hooked. The owner and his wife bought a small bar accessory shop at the beginning of this year and uses the videos as a promotional tool. The corresponding online shop sells pretty much everything you need except the alcohol.

I am super excited to try these items out. Mostly though I love the petite cocktail glasses as they have a much more ergonomic design than the traditional stemmed variety, prone to tipping and spilling.

Also before I forget the monthly promotional show of my own is now available on the new “Show” page in the upper navigation. Check out the “Liquid Christmas” shot. The recipe has been added to the menu as well.

Liquid Autumn

Well now that November is upon us I decided to make the original shot…

“The Liquid Autumn”

2 Parts Peach Schnapps
1 Part Spiced Rum

The shot in layered form has a the initial taste of spiced rum with a sweet aftertaste or the peach. If you’re looking for an even sweeter finish add a dash of grenadine, then layer on the Peach Schnapps and Spiced Rum (in that order, as higher proof ingredients are “lighter” in density).


Spiced Start with a smooth finish.

In addition to this week’s drink, I’ll be starting “Medium of Mixology: The Show.” Hopefully to be the first Wednesday of each month to bring the blog  to life (…with a vlog). Check out the “Show” page this Wednesday (and each first of the month) for the new episode(s).