Lil’ Watermelon

Well, my vision for this drink a “core sample” of an alcoholic watermelon. Green floating over pink working our way to the juicy and sweet red center. I was recently leafing through my cocktail book when I remembered the “electric watermelon” that I featured back in May. This however I designed to take on both flavor and the appearance of watermelon. Granted the green is on top, how ever that could easily be rectified by mixing the melon liqueur with simple syrup on the bottom (1/4 oz each to make a 1/2) and topping it with a mix of the 1/4 oz of rum and 3/4 of pucker. Today though we’ve got our core sample of the Lil’ Watermelon.

The taste starts with a powerful melon taste as the Melon Liqueur creates a more natural taste with the pucker. After a little burn it ends on a slightly sweet finish from the grenadine

Alc. Rating: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Lil Watermelon (Core Sample Version) Shot

1/4 oz Grenadine
3/4 oz Watermelon Pucker
1/2 oz Mix (1/4 oz Midori/Melon Liq. + 1/4 oz Light Rum)

Layer in order in a tall double shot glass. OR half all ingredients in a standard shot.

lil watermelon

“Professor what is this strange object we just found?” “I don’t know, take a core sample. “

Strawberry Fields Forever

So I was at the grocery store recently (well more than recently since it’s my job to be there), and I was looking around at the Torani flavoring syrups. Which as it turns out are essentially flavored simple syrup. So after looking at the seasonal choices of Peppermint, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin I found myself picking up “Strawberry.” Coming home I thought of a few ideas for strawberry flavored drinks. One of which I still need to work on is called the “Strawberry Shortcake.” However today we have my first test of the syrup that I call “Strawberry Fields”

¾ oz Strawberry Flavoring Syrup
Splash of Watermelon Pucker
1 ½ oz Gold Rum

Combine ingredients with ice and shake. Strain into petite cocktail glass.

Strawberry drink 1

…I’m going to Strawberry Fields.